What this does

This calculator is a tool to help determine the encounter slots for the HeartGold & SoulSilver Safari Zone. Simply enter in the information for each field and click Calculate to determine which Pokémon occupy which encounter slots. The encounter slot tables and time for each block upgrade can be found on the Safari Zone slot webpage. Enjoy!


The region in the Safari Zone where you are searching for Pokémon. The areas can be managed on the machine to the right of the Safari Zone clerk.
Time of Day
The time period in which you are trying to RNG. Choices include Morning, Day, or Night.
Encounter Method
How you encounter the Pokémon. The options are in grass (land), surfing (water), or fishing (old/good/super rod).
Block Scores
The total value of the block types in your area. Each block "levels up" after a certain amount of time of being placed in the area, allowing it to count as multiple blocks. See the "Block Scores" tab on the encounter slots for these time periods.
Slot Number
The encounter slot number that is occupied. These values correspond to those in the RNG Reporter/PPRNG for each frame.
The level of the Pokémon that will appear.


Questions/comments/concerns can be directed to shiny finder on Smogon (preferable) or as an issue on GitHub.

The Calculator

Select the area you wish to RNG in:
Select the time of day:
Select the encounter method:

Enter the total block scores in your selected area:

Slot Number Pokémon (lvl)